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Important Notice to Purchaser/User

Date: 2011.10.24   Views: 236

TSV constantly seeks uniqueness in our products and services. It has been brought to our attention that certificates have been forged and products have been presented and passed off as genuine TSV valves. Flattering as this may seem, it is disturbing to our customers and to TSV in that the counterfeit products have very low reliability. Needless to say, we only provide a warranty for genuine TSV products.

To make sure you buy eligible and authentic products from TSV, or if you are not sure of the products you purchased that possess our brand name, please send us the heat/charge/lot number together with serial number which is stamped on the valve flange rim or body-to bonnet flange rim, (sometimes the serial number is on the nameplate only) and we will verify and give you confirmation, as soon as possible.

Please use the "Genuine Check" button found in the upper right portion of this screen, email us at sales@tsvchina.com or send regular/express mail to the following address:

Tiansheng Valve Group CO.,LTD.

Tiansheng Industrial Park,Dong'ou Industrial Zone,

Oubei Town,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province,China

Tel:+86-577-6737 9555
Fax:+86-577-6799 9686 

If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us, our team is here at your service.


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