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Features of D343H hard seal butterfly valve

Date: 2012.11.14   Views: 138

D343H triple offset hard seal butterfly valve is long life high performance product. It is structured as a three-dimensional eccentric principles of design, flexible seal and hard and soft multi-layer seal that is combined with new processing technology, so that the butterfly valve can reduce the torque force for labor-saving when it is in the operational traval. And it ensure the reliability of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and abrasion loss. It is the best device for regulating and cut-off the fluid medium of pipe, which is widely applied to to food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, power plants, steel mills, industrial and environmental water treatment and high-rise buildings etc.
D343H multi-level hard sealed butterfly valve has features as below.
1. D343H multi-level hard sealed butterfly valve structure is unique, small and lightweight, flexible operation, labor-saving and convenient;
2. Reliable sealing can be achieved in air seal test without leakage;
3. It is the best adjusting characteristics for flow curve tending to straight line;
4. It is highly extended the life of sealing surface because of three eccentric principle, the approximate zero extravagant loss;
5. A wide range of applications. Such as: can be used for water, steam, oil, air, gas and other media;
6. Applicable for different temperature range and pressure not more than 10.0MPa grade, corrosion-resistant and other media pipeline.