Orbit Ball Valve

Orbit ball valve has been designed with special wedge type sealing surface, tracking and screwing rising stem and single seat, to provice a high sealing force with low small torque during operation, and eliminate materials’ expanding because of high temperature. During operation, ball will move and separate from seat, then turn 90°,thus, it has small torque, no fabrication between ball and seat, perfect sealing and zero leakage with long time usage.
Due to the unique wedge face, orbit spiral and single valve seat design, the orbit ball valve can provide a high sealing force, operate at a low torque and eliminate the thermal expansion problem. During opening/closing, the ball firstly will deviate for a certain displacement from the valve seat, and then rotate for 90° without any friction, allowing the valve to be characterized with a small opening/closing torque, no sealing face scratch, good sealing performance, zero leakage and long service life, etc.